Some New Prayer Requests

Here is how you can be specifically praying for us over the coming months:
Pray for our meeting with the birth mom.  We have not been asked to meet with a mom yet, but once we are, we have decided to not let anyone know at this stage in the process.  It will be the most important and emotional interview of our lives!  We want and need your prayers, but in order to guard our emotions, we feel that it is best to only share the news after the decision is more final.
Continue praying for our child’s birth mom and her family.  This is the hardest decision she will make in her life and one that is made out of the greatest love and desire for the welfare of her child.
Pray for the hospital time.  We have to expect that anything can happen, including the birth mom changing her mind.  It’s going to be some of the hardest days for Phil and I and especially for the birth mom.
Pray for those first several months at home.  We will not have a natural bond with our child and it will take some time for this to develop.  Pray that we have the knowledge and wisdom in how to best cultivate attachment with our child.

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