Adoption Fundraiser


We had our adoption fundraiser back in early February and it’s shameful that I am just now posting about it.  But, better late than never. We were able to host a pancake dinner at our church, Cedar Creek Baptist Church and we had a great turn-out! We could not have pulled it off without the support of some great friends and family members.  Many thanks to them for their service to us! We are deeply grateful to those that shared a meal with us on Feb 9 and to the countless others that have given us a donation over the past few months.  The Lord has blessed us tremendously during this fundraising process!  He has reminded us time and time again of His faithful provision and His call for our steadfast obedience.  It’s been 17 months since we started this process.  Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you that continue to pray for our journey!


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2 Responses to Adoption Fundraiser

  1. Angela W says:

    So glad it was a success! So when’s the next one??? 🙂

  2. We aren’t planning on any other fundraisers at this point, but if that changes, we will definitely let you know!

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